08 – Whoa, boy – Banff/Jasper 2012

Horse pics coming up! From now on I’m demanding a horse ride on every trip. Ho Silver! Silver, you ho.

Re: movie summary — those were the exact words she used. Note to self and to everyone in the world: get Miss Corene to narrate movies to you. Especially the bad ones. She ends up making you really, really want to watch them. Hey, she’s got me now interested in This Means War after all.

Conversation snippet: Receipt tape

“Guess what? If you stretch out this receipt tape, it reaches from that counter over there to aisle Psych 221.”

“. . . You actually measured it.”

“It’s fun!”

“You have too much time on your hands.”

Conversation snippet: Drill



“Um, where’s the thingy that fits on the drill so that you can put the other thingies on it?”

“. . . Have you ever used a drill before?”

“. . . Noooo. . . “

“I’ll be right down.”