Conversation snippet: Lilies-of-the-valley

“I love lilies-of-the-valley.”

“Hm. They’re poisonous, you know.”

“I like smelling them, I don’t plan on eating them.”

“It was in my poison book. They have it listed there, with all the information and everything.”

“Hm, I don’t know about you, L. . .”

Calamondin tree

I’ve always wanted an indoor citrus tree. This past weekend, I got one. Sweeeeeet.

My calamondin tree

It’s a calamondin tree! Kim, Corene, and Ari named it Colin. At regular intervals, we’d say, “I/you got a tree!” I still have that chanting in my head now, except to the tune of I’m On A Boat.

My calamondin tree

After I dropped the ladies off, it rustled in conversation from the backseat.

My calamondin tree

Hello, tree! It’s already budding, and originally had three fruits already ready. I’ll let you guess what happened to the third one.

My calamondin tree

I won’t let you guess for long. Kim texted me asking if I’d tried the fruit yet, so I did. I like!

I have a tree!

Conversation snippet: Everybody on vacation

“We’re going out to lunch on Tuesday and we’d like you to join us.”

“Oh, what are we celebrating?”

“We’re celebrating Everybody Is On Vacation And We’re Not.”

Conversation snippet: Deep-fried

“I had this very strange dream last night. There were mice in it. We went out to eat and they served us mice.”

“You mean they had mice around the restaurant?”

“No, I mean deep-fried mice.”

Conversation snippet: Mouse splat

“I don’t want the mouse in my room when I’m studying!”

“Hey, it could be worse. It could be prowling your room when you’re sleeping.”

“Argh! I don’t want to step out of bed and hear, ‘SPLAT!’”

“Well, at least that would get rid of our mouse problem.”

Conversation snippet: Zombies at the beach

“You’ll have fun at the cabin. WHERE THE ZOMBIES WILL GET YOU.”

“No, they won’t. Zombies never go near the ocean.”

“Why is that?”

“Salt water. Too corrosive.”

“But their flesh is falling off anyway.”

“What’s this?”

“Zombies don’t go near the ocean because they get in contact with salt water and just disintegrate.”


“Ohhh, so that’s why they’re always in urban areas!”

“Yeah, you always find them in the middle of the country. . . .”

“Is that why there are never any zombies in Hawaii?”

“Ohmigawd, now I want to make a movie: ‘Zombies in Hawaii’!”

“That would be so awesome!”

“We could launch a series! ‘Zombies on Spring Break’!”

“‘Zombies in Cancun’!”

“‘Zombies Gone Wild’!”

Conversation snippet: Dumb waiters

“We should get one of those. . . what do you call it? Lazy butlers?”

“Dumb waiters?”

“Yeah, that’s it! . . . Lazy butlers, dumb waiters. . . .”

Law & Order: SVU Valentine's Day cards

Like I told F, if I could send Valentine's Day cards right now, these would absolutely be the sort I'd send to show my love.

(Keep on clicking the images/"Next" to see the whole collection. Fabulous.)

Ta, Dr Sketchy's Madison

Olive, me, Glenn

I’m late on the ball with this one — only just found out that there is no more Dr Sketchy’s Madison, at least not from the original founders and organizers. Angela “Olive Talique” Richardson and Glenn P. Watson (with official Sketchy’s photographer wife Kandy) are hilarious, fun, talented individuals, and they created a community that met up monthly for a whole year. That takes a great deal of love and effort. I attended all but the very last Dr Sketchy’s (and that was only because I’d left the country by then), and I can say that it contributed to some of my favourite Madison memories.

Thanks for the great times, guys!