M’sia 2007

Kota Bahru pics

Just came back from visiting my hometown of Kota Bahru. You’ll notice most of the pics are of food. That’s what M’sia is mostly about, y’ know. Good food in the sun.



Dragonfruit. Originally from Vietnam, now a very big thing over here. Pretty funky!

Addendum: The plant and fruit originate from Mexico, but it was introduced to M’sia from Vietnam.

In which I shall soak up the sun like it’s never been soaked up before

View outside my family’s getaway place.
Yes, their getaway place is at a golf course. Go figure.
Pic taken last year by my dad

Tomorrow morning, at some ungodly hour, I’ll be flying off. First I’ll visit ze fabulous super-Jenna in Cali, then I’ll be on yet another plane getting ever-so-close to the equator.

Home, here I come.


Feb 07

Why yes, she is one hot tamale, thank you very much.

Her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.