Scotland/Ireland 2015

Next stop, Scotland part 3

St Andrews Castle, Scotland

St Rule’s Tower at St Andrews Cathedral
Built in the 11th century, 33m tall. Feels way taller & more harrowing when you’re inside climbing every one of those tiny death-defying circular stone steps.

There’s always someone in costume at a castle.

I like that they encourage you to touch this particular display. We don’t usually get the chance to touch any exhibition pieces, and I’m a tactile person.

Exhibition about the Nine Worthies, Stirling Castle, Scotland
I typically don’t go for exhibitions, but this was incredibly fascinating. My favourite exhibition of all the castles

Ceiling of Queen’s Inner Hall, Stirling Castle

In order to get to Doune Castle you had to follow a path, pass through three gates, and go through the woods.

Lamb with mama ewe casting me a baleful look

New Lanark
UNESCO World Heritage site. Visitors won’t find a rural village countryside here; instead, the buildings & design reflect the onset of the Industrial Revolution.

Falls of Clyde at New Lanark

Jen & Corene putting on uniforms at the New Lanark schoolhouse

Jen & Corene attempting penitence (and failing)

River Clyde at New Lanark

At Glasgow airport. All of us ready to fly home.

Next stop, Scotland part 2

Jen & Corene, North Berwick, Scotland, in preparation for our Seabird Seafari

Corene clearly anticipating our Seabird Seafari

Jen was rockin’ the waterproofs. Corene’s just thinking about the water.

This was taken immediately after the boat did a sharp turn.
Mark Corene’s corresponding disapproval & Jen’s glee

All those white spots are actually guillemots. Every single one of them. That’s how infested that island is with the seabirds.

When I first shared this pic elsewhere, some idiots would inevitably say that there weren’t that many birds and that the white spots were droppings, not bothering to consider that (a) we were the ones who went there up close and personal and saw for ourselves the thousands of birds on that rock, and (b) one would have to be an idiot to think that in this pic taken later, droppings would be more visible than birds from a distance.

You can tell I’m not impressed by mansplaining idiots.

Tantallon Castle, North Berwick, Scotland – view from the sea

Walking up to Glamis Castle
Highland Games day!

Opening pipe band at the Strathmore Highland Games, Glamis Castle

Highland cows at the castle

One was staring at us. Hard. Then it stopped chewing. And when they stop chewing and just stare at you hard, that’s when you know to back away.

Pointing out the anti-rabbit sign