Conversation snippet: Exams

“I have exams Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.”

“You lucky thing.”

“Lucky? I’m just going to die.”

“Even luckier. Then you won’t have to take the exams.”

“Shut up.”

Sin pattering impatiently

My mum says that when we were little, she couldn’t take a bath by herself because we would cry for her outside the door. I imagine that is the case for most moms. That is also currently the case for Sin, because if I dare take my morning shower without her or her permission, I hear her crying and pattering back and forth, and when I open the bathroom door, I see this:

Sin pattering outside impatiently

Pitter-patter go her little feet.

Conversation snippet: Butterscotch bars

“I had no bread, and I was too lazy to make oat bran or fry eggs, so I made butterscotch bars instead.”

“Butterscotch what?”

“Butterscotch bars. You melt brown sugar and butter together, then add eggs and flour and chuck it in the oven. It comes out like hard candy. So basically I had a whole bunch of brown sugar for breakfast.”

“. . . It seems that would actually take more time and work to make than to fry an egg.”

“Yes, but the end result is so much better!”

Conversation snippet: Honks

“I saw you waiting for the bus on Regent! I was driving by.”

“And you didn’t stop?”

“I honked at you! But you didn’t hear me. I waited by the side and waved and honked, but you didn’t see. . .”

“Do you know how many cars keep honking at me? Come on!”

Conversation snippet: DOMs

“It’s lovely outside.”

“Oh, really?”

“But you know the bad part about it getting warmer? The DOMs.”

“The what?”

DOMs. Dirty Old Men.”

“Ohh. . .”

“They’re like flies! In winter they’re quiet and you don’t see them, then in summer they’re out and bug you, and nggh!”

Dusk before ten

Still (relatively) new to the West Coast. Still find it bizarre that it’s now almost 9:30pm and it’s not even completely dark out. It’s dusk before 10pm. I find that out of this world.

Conversation snippet: Lilies-of-the-valley

“I love lilies-of-the-valley.”

“Hm. They’re poisonous, you know.”

“I like smelling them, I don’t plan on eating them.”

“It was in my poison book. They have it listed there, with all the information and everything.”

“Hm, I don’t know about you, L. . .”

Calamondin tree

I’ve always wanted an indoor citrus tree. This past weekend, I got one. Sweeeeeet.

My calamondin tree

It’s a calamondin tree! Kim, Corene, and Ari named it Colin. At regular intervals, we’d say, “I/you got a tree!” I still have that chanting in my head now, except to the tune of I’m On A Boat.

My calamondin tree

After I dropped the ladies off, it rustled in conversation from the backseat.

My calamondin tree

Hello, tree! It’s already budding, and originally had three fruits already ready. I’ll let you guess what happened to the third one.

My calamondin tree

I won’t let you guess for long. Kim texted me asking if I’d tried the fruit yet, so I did. I like!

I have a tree!