Conversation snippet: Awry

“. . . and things would just go awry.”

“Did you just say ‘awry’?”

“Yes, I did.”

“That is so weird. Nobody says ‘awry’.”

“I know. I don’t know why I said it.”

Conversation snippet: Comic immortalizing

“Thank you for immortalizing me.” — my first-year film T.A., after I drew him in the college comic strip above. He really did start a fire on set, as it happens. He also made copies of the above strip for posterity. Some things you just take pride in.

Conversation snippet: O-positive

“Oh, so you think K’s not good enough for you but good enough for me? Thanks a lot!”

“Ahh, but see, you’re like O-positive blood. You’re compatible with anybody. I’m like AB-minus blood, very hard to match.”

Last week while we were getting ready for the movie

Chandri: I built an arc reactor! How many other people get to say they did that?

Me: Well, I guess one.

Chandri: Well, yeah.


[Chandri with her arc reactor off, within reaching distance. I put forth a finger and push.]

Arc reactor: Click. [lights up]

Me: [giggle]

Chandri: Okay, that’s the last time you get to do that.

Conversation snippet: Procreate

“She’s starting to procreate! Well, actually, she’s already procreated, it’s been incubating. In her belly. For about three months now.”

“. . . Are we still talking about a baby?”

Conversation snippet: TMI

Director to Actress: “You need to bring it up more, so that you won’t drown in the mood he’s set, as an actor and a character.”

Actor: “Give in to my mood, woman!”

Actress: “I already did that last night.”

Director: “TMI.”

Conversation snippet: Netscape quit

“I’ve been having trouble connecting.”

“Have you tried quitting Netscape and starting it again?”

“How do you do that?”

“. . . Go to File and Quit.”

Conversation snippet: Claws

“Let me see your bow.”

“You don’t like my bow?”

“See, your hands, when you bow, they become like claws. . . I don’t mean to make you self-conscious.”

“Too late!”