Night before our trip – Scotland/Ireland snippets

We’re back! I’ll be posting some comic snippets of our Scotland/Ireland adventures (misadventures?), though not necessarily in chronological order. You’ll find them all collected in the Scotland/Ireland tag here, or you can work yourself forward from the first entry here.

In the meantime, we hadn’t even started our trip yet and already we were loopy:

Murder is a popular topic of conversation within these walls.

Scotland/Ireland snippets, part 5

At least twice now U.S. customs & immigration has sequestered me in a white room while taking away my passport for . . . I don’t know, analysis? Though these days they’re nicer. One time three officers and I spent the too-long background-check time chatting about action movie stars.

(Two of the officers and I expressed patent disapproval for the third officer’s preference.)