Scotland/Ireland snippets, part 5

At least twice now U.S. customs & immigration has sequestered me in a white room while taking away my passport for . . . I don’t know, analysis? Though these days they’re nicer. One time three officers and I spent the too-long background-check time chatting about action movie stars.

(Two of the officers and I expressed patent disapproval for the third officer’s preference.)

Scotland/Ireland snippets, part 1

If you’ve been keeping up with the plans we’ve been making, you know we’ll be going to Scotland and Ireland very soon. I’ve been doodling during the months leading up to the trip.

Was so looking forward to see ponies and Vikings in Shetland. Plans change, though.

Facetime snippet: Ladies' man

Me: “He’s a ladies’ man.”

Mum: “Who?”

Me: “Li’l Bro. You should’ve seen him while we were in New Zealand. He was flirting with everyone.”

Li’l Bro: “Mum is the only woman in my life.”

Mum: “And even then I don’t want.”

Li’l Bro: “My love is not reciprocated.”

If it wasn’t for that tiny detail, she would’ve been a terrific person

TV Guide’s summary of The Trainer, a Lifetime TV movie:

A recently divorced woman joins a gym and quickly becomes friends with Alex, a young trainer. Unfortunately, Alex is psychotic and a murderer.

Yes, that is quite unfortunate.

The official synopsis by Lifetime, also listed on IMDB, adds:

Sadly Alex is psychotic and has been murdering her trainees for years.

Very sad indeed. A slight flaw in Alex’s character.