Banff/Jasper trip 6: Maligne Canyon, Maligne Lake, and bears

Maligne Canyon Maligne Canyon Maligne Canyon Corene, Maligne Canyon Maligne Canyon

And then we saw our first bear. Up in a tree. In the rain. It was wet.

Bear in a tree Bear in a tree

We carried on to Maligne Lake.

Maligne Lake

And then a whole slew of bears from thereon out.

Mama bear and cubs

Corene eyeing mama bear & cubs
Spot the mama bear and cubs.

Mama bear and cubs

Mama bear and cubs

So many cubs.

Corene somehow always knows to play the most appropriate soundtrack for each wild animal we spot.

This is merely part 1 of the day in which we saw allllllllll the wild animals. Part 2 coming up. You’ll see further proof of Corene’s animal soundtrack sense.