Banff/Jasper trip 7: Medicine Lake, bears, caribou, sheep, many creatures

Part 2 of the day in which we saw all the animals.

On our way down from Maligne Lake, we decided to stop at Medicine Lake.

Medicine Lake

Medicine Lake

Medicine Lake

It was just around this time when a busload of people stopped by to ask us if we were taking shots of the bear.

“Bear?” I asked.

See if you can spot it in the far right here, before I’d been aware of it:

Medicine Lake

Bear at Medicine Lake

And then the bear turns up.

Oh wait, you thought it was just one bear? Nah, it was a whole bear family. Bear families turned out to be all the rage that day.

Bear & cubs Medicine Lake

Bear & cubs at Medicine Lake Bear & cubs at Medicine Lake

Bear & cubs at Medicine Lake

Oh hey, guess what was at that same lake?

Caribou at Medicine Lake
So close

Caribou at Medicine Lake

This, my friends, was the moment when I finally felt justified in that trip. The whole time we kept seeing signs alerting us of caribou crossings, but naught a single one. It was like a hoax. And then he showed up, and all was right with the world.

Caribou at Medicine Lake

Caribou at Medicine Lake

Aaaaaaand pretty soon it was a day filled with really cool sights and other wild animals. I should point out I didn’t manage to take pics of the majority that we saw, which should tell you how many they were.



Again with the bears

Again, Corene with her animal soundtrack

At Jasper

A whole tribe of sheep
Guy sittin’ and takin’ pics. Because he can.

At Jasper

Grazing caribou

Grazing caribou

I’d like to think Corene deliberately picked the soundtrack in anticipation of every animal we spotted. Like before, and like so:

Banff/Jasper trip 6: Maligne Canyon, Maligne Lake, and bears

Maligne Canyon Maligne Canyon Maligne Canyon Corene, Maligne Canyon Maligne Canyon

And then we saw our first bear. Up in a tree. In the rain. It was wet.

Bear in a tree Bear in a tree

We carried on to Maligne Lake.

Maligne Lake

And then a whole slew of bears from thereon out.

Mama bear and cubs

Corene eyeing mama bear & cubs
Spot the mama bear and cubs.

Mama bear and cubs

Mama bear and cubs

So many cubs.

Corene somehow always knows to play the most appropriate soundtrack for each wild animal we spot.

This is merely part 1 of the day in which we saw allllllllll the wild animals. Part 2 coming up. You’ll see further proof of Corene’s animal soundtrack sense.

Peeps & Sin eating my thyme

Peeps nibbling on my thyme this morning. I know I should stop him, but he looks so darn cute. Sin, intrigued by his satisfied tone, tries the herb as well, but gets bored and wants to go on me (see her look meaningfully at me and chirp).

Afterward, Peeps’s breath smelled of thyme. Just wait until after he eats cilantro.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai! Have an unrelated video! Because I’m just that generous.

Sin climbing upside down

And now, just ‘cause I can, we have Sinny-babe climbing upside-down to get the last bit of millet that’s out of reach. Girl loves her millet, baby.