Ladybird party-time

Ladybird party-time by maelie

I call them ladybirds, but people around here keep saying ladybugs. Surely these things deserve more dignity than that.

Wait, according to Wikipedia they’re also known as ladyclocks and lady cows. Now come on. That just ain’t right.

If it wasn’t for that tiny detail, she would’ve been a terrific person

TV Guide’s summary of The Trainer, a Lifetime TV movie:

A recently divorced woman joins a gym and quickly becomes friends with Alex, a young trainer. Unfortunately, Alex is psychotic and a murderer.

Yes, that is quite unfortunate.

The official synopsis by Lifetime, also listed on IMDB, adds:

Sadly Alex is psychotic and has been murdering her trainees for years.

Very sad indeed. A slight flaw in Alex’s character.