Conversation between bird and dog

Conversation between bird and dog
I was too late to capture a video of this, which is a shame because Peeps was making wee chattering noises the whole time. Ah, if only we knew what he was saying.

This weekend, indoor rock climbing and UBC Apple Festival! Whoo!

Ta, Dr Sketchy's Madison

Olive, me, Glenn

I’m late on the ball with this one — only just found out that there is no more Dr Sketchy’s Madison, at least not from the original founders and organizers. Angela “Olive Talique” Richardson and Glenn P. Watson (with official Sketchy’s photographer wife Kandy) are hilarious, fun, talented individuals, and they created a community that met up monthly for a whole year. That takes a great deal of love and effort. I attended all but the very last Dr Sketchy’s (and that was only because I’d left the country by then), and I can say that it contributed to some of my favourite Madison memories.

Thanks for the great times, guys!


T-Rex eating Triceratops

Six states, four days, three time zones, two countries.

I’m here, baby.

Dr Sketchy's this Sunday!

Fancy some tied-up bellydancer? You’re in luck! The April edition of Dr Sketchy’s Madison is this Sunday, 2-5pm, at the High Noon Saloon! Be there for some fun ol’ kink times!

Dr Sketchy’s Madison also will turn one year old then, and my, what a milestone. I’ve been there since the beginning — missing only one session when I was out of the country — and I can’t tell you how much thought organizers Glenn and Olive have put into it to make it such a fun, rousing success. It’s almost like a Sketchy’s family. Way to go, guys!

I feel a bit sad that this will be my last Sketchy’s event here. They know how to rock it with star power, hoots and giggles, and saucy sassyness. I know Vancouver supposedly has its own Sketchy’s chapter too, but from what I can tell, it looks pretty much dead. Certainly not half as fun as this one, I’m sure. If only I can bring Sketchy’s Madison with me. Wah!

Be there this Sunday for some debauching-fun times, people!