Pull up a rock, settle yourself into the moss, and welcome to my home.

On with the show! After all, you didn't come to hear me ramble--actually, you came to a personal page. What other reason is there than to hear someone ramble?

Okay, okay, I'll put some other stuff up . . .

The Library
Stories. Mine. We liiiiiike stories here at McDragon's Lair.

The computer room
Go here to “hear” me rant, read a sneak peek of whatever story I’m working on, and to see what’s been updated.

My room
This is here in case you're feeling paticularly masochistic. You can go into my room and learn all about me! That way, when I take over the world you'll know what things I like and how to stay in my favor.

My boudoir
Ah, yes, my seamy underbelly of a life. Heh.

The menagerie
Don't want to learn about me? How 'bout heading here and learning about my animals?

The Garage
If you don't want to do that, you could always head into the garage and use the links to go places.

The Back Rooms
Head toward the back of the house, to the nice warm kitchens, the laundry room, and the various things that are there. Or, if you're completely, thoroughly confused by now (which you should be), you can go to the hallway (often heard of as the site map!) and figure things out from there!

This site is, as any good site should be, always under construction. Check back, and be sure to tell me if a link is wrong!

Oh, and watch out for my minions. They're running around here somewhere . . .

This site was last updated on November 26, 2005. Keep in mind, sometimes I update and don't tell, unless you check the computer room. I'm lazy--I mean, sneaky that way.

Innit the entrance page background nifty? Zanne made it, and the title design, and my banner! We looooove Zanne.