The Library
Pull up a chair, snuggle down by the fireplace (kept burning by dragon fire, of course) and have fun reading!

The X-Mansion
X-Men stories, my specialty (along with everything else in the library). These stories I'm constantly working on; there's always something I'm writing.

The Batcave
DC stories! Young Justice, Superboy, and a Bat-fic or two. Not much here--but I don't generally write DC characters!

Jonny Quest's Hangar
I'm not working on the Jonny Quest stories any more, but you're more than welcome to read them.

The Meadow
My stories that aren't based on anything. Boob Woman rules the roost, here, though there are a few other things.

Subreality Times
This is the archive for the Subreality Times, the only paper in Subreality worth reading! Not even written by me--I just wanted it here!

The Dojo
This is my archive for all things Naruto. Mmmm. Naruto.

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