World Rugby Sevens players 1

Going to Canada Sevens this weekend! This is the first time the World Rugby Sevens is coming to Canada, so let’s celebrate with some player sketches.

Sha sketch

Freestyle ink sketch of a friend, based on one of my fave photo of hers.

Romper girl

However you may feel about rompers, I think that if someone wants to wear it, then she should rock it to her heart’s content. Don’t go halfsies, be bold all the way!

Tues cast outfits, May 09

Further char redesigns. The girls are in their out-and-about outfits, so they get to be a bit more stylin’. The boys are in their uniforms, so that’s why they’re a bit more staid.

Tuesday redesign sketch, Apr 09

Sketch of the Tuesday With Everything In It redesign I’m aiming for (yes, I know Gabe’s missing a hand. . . . It’s there in pencil). Still got a bit to go; I’m pondering making this semi-Victorian, if only for the costume potential. . . .