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WAP! Quotes

this is just some of the few fun things that come out of these people's mouths...

Alex says...

"Actually, he's gonna dye all his hair blue and we are gonna become 'water' and 'grass'."

"For the girl who eats everything, I bring you fudge, cookies and stuff." -- Alex to Cassie.

"My favorite word is whatchmacallit."

"I never knew ice cream was so special."

"You are ALL mean and violent people! ALL of you! It's my birthday, dude..."

Izzy says...

"No, I'm dating Britney...and two of her dancers." weirdly plausible, actually.

"We're five best friends and we act like that. Some of us live together - we eat, breath, work and do everything together." ...right.

"Aren't we kinky today?"

"We all wish we were a little taller...some of us more than others." Issues, yo.

"After the shows, I go and watch the tape of the show, and then I go find Rick and see what trouble he's getting into, and I get in trouble with him."

"I know that Rick secretly wants to dress more like me, because I'll come into my room, and he'll be there, stroking one of my shirts. It's sad that he's not as secure in his masculinity as I am. You wanna wear sparkles? You wear sparkles. It don't mean nothing." quite.

"Alex's real quiet most of the time, but then he'll just suddenly go crazy, and we're like, 'shut up!'"

"If you're embarassing Pineapple, he'll soon end up embarassing you!" -- Izzy about Alex.

"Here Rick is sleeping on my couch in a tiny little place in West Hollywood, and Rick's six-four and doesn't fit on the couch. It's a pathetic sight."

"It's so much better that [stardom] happened to [Rick and I] at the same time. It makes it more special. To look over and see it happening to your best friend is pretty cool."

Rick says...

"Jana likes armadillos, I like large bills." ...I don't know.

"I am the cookie man, and this is my sidekick sprinkles."

"I could bite my toenails. I don't...but I could." limber. if somewhat gross.

"I have like this sparkly blue gel pen and I love it. It's my favorite. It's gonna break my heart when it runs out of ink."

"He's the most flirtatious person I've ever known!" -- Rick about Izzy.

"I've been linked to Kate Hudson, Amber Benson -- and Izzy Wesson."

Cassie says...

"How do you catch a squirrel? Climb up a tree and act like a NUT ... It's not really very funny, is it?"

"I'm still the same person! What the hell am I gonna change for?"

"Sleeping with large quantities of stuffed animals relieves stress caused by annoying roommates...AND works as a pillow!"

"Who cares about Britney? Did you see CHRISTINA?? Holy g-string!"

"My idea of a perfect date is just hanging at home, having a video night. A good conversation is the biggest turn-on. I'm looking for a person with confidence. There's nothing sexier." person, eh?

"Okay... do you guys laugh at my jokes ‘cause they're funny or ‘cause they suck?"

"It was like 'The Real World' - except we all got along."

"He's usually happy, when he's excited, he does this little dance when he talks!" -- Cassie about Rick.

"Well, you do throw those screeching hissy fits." -- Cassie to Alex.

“Rick invented humorous dancing. It’s kind of like synchronized dancing, but really not.”

Jana says...

"I find a way to get in trouble everywhere."

"So in other words, Rick has a sexy voice and we've got each other." the mind boggles. 's all I'm sayin'.

"Sorry for the delay everyone, but some fan just ran backstage and stole all our clothes, and we were standing there BUCK NAKED!" I have no idea if it's true or not.

"Ohhh! I'm a lil' school girl!" scared, now.

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