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from the june issue of interview magazine

IM: Do you ever get tired of talking about your friendship with Izzy?
OLIVER: I understand the questions. Rick Oliver and Izzy Wesson, they're friends, they're in a group together, they grew up together, isn't it great and cute? I get all kinds of questions, like, "So how's Iz?" or "What's Izzy like?" And I don't know what sort of answers are expected.
Instead of saying Izzy's fine and he's doing his thing, I'll be like, "Well, let me tell you about Iz. Izzy can give a blow job in a way that's incredible, really special." Most of the time it's like Entertainnent Tonight, and they can't air it. But then sometimes you think you're safe, but someone writes it down and it ends up being taken out of context in Out magazine.
IM: Does Izzy ever get pissed off about that?
OLIVER: Izzy gets it. We have a similar sense of humor, which I think is the main reason we're compatible as friends and in terms of being in the same group. He always thinks it's funny. It's just a question of the rest of them.
IM: Let's see if you've learned your lesson: What is Izzy Wesson really like?
OLIVER: [Laughs] He gives a really great blow job."

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