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    WAP! Discography

    High Strung

    01. Burn, Baby, Burn
    # Johnny put a lighter to his lips/there's fire in his blood/baby, he is burning/burn, baby, burn/the flames, they are soaring
    he remembers all his friends/seen them on the ground/casualties in a war/no one is fighting
    humiliation/paranoia/*loud yowl*
    there's a gun in his face/and he's got fire in his blood/and everyone will suffer/the fire he makes #

    02. the Party Song
    # kick it/*bark*
    in a dark room/you shine like a star
    by far/you are/my baby/dance
    in air/we can fly/you know
    we have wings (not really)
    I want you with me/can you see/you are
    by far/you are/my baby/dance

    03. Purple Pleasure
    # I don't want somebody to love me/ Just give me flowers whenever I want 'em/ 'Cause all I want is purple pleasure (purple pleasure) #
    04. Superstar
    # Green is the colour of envy/it's the colour of fame/I'll never be the same again/
    hardcore superstar by far/you're the ultimate star/hardcore superstar by far/(do you wanna) do you wanna be a superstar
    why don't you sign me up/to sell me out
    what's to come (what's to come)#

    05. I Hope
    # I need you to say/goodbye
    I don't know why/I hang around
    You never said/goodbye/why
    I love you more than/I love you/so
    give me time/or tell me no/
    I hope/I hope (hope, hope, hope)
    You turn away/all the colours/shine/no more
    but you don't say goodbye/and I (I, I, I)
    I need you to say/goodbye #

    06. Going Down
    # Going down/you're gone/I know what you'll say/it's such a lie/(break my heart) I hope you die #
    07. Ami
    # this is love/young love/our love
    we should shine (shine)/more
    when love is gone #

    08. the Stupid Song
    # now we sing this stupid song/sing it as we run along/why we sing this stupid song/we don't know (don't know) #
    09. My White Russian
    # blow me/flow me/with my white russian/watch the stars/drink some more/this is me/and my/my white russian #
    10. Thou Shall
    # Hell, yeah (yeah, yeah, yeah)
    if I were king/king of the world
    this is what I would do
    I'd say/thou shall #

    11. Underground
    # hey/my baby is in the ground/she
    won't come back/now/dirt is covering/
    a face/so beautiful/have you got/
    any pretty words for me/I don't suppose
    there's anything at all/in your vocabulatory
    to cover this/I have a story/it's untold
    but I'll let you in on a secret/it's your fault
    12. The Way Over
    # We may be on this road/we go along
    we sing and fake it/that's a sort of fairytale/for you/but within/we are/who we are #


    01. Popcorn
    # the girl/the boy/you know the story, no/a cinema theatre/the back seats/in the dark
    the newest blockbuster/they ignore
    the argument is loud/they get looks form the crowd/and the boy leaves #

    02. Animal Kingdom
    # *long lioness purring*/drums kick in/
    Freedom/peace/(the sky) the sky is blue
    *lioness GROWL*
    the desert black/burning you
    the huntress saunters/her world/her preys
    are you (are you)
    soon all the suns will rise (rise)
    she takes no prisoners/only kills
    don't be afraid to fight/it's your life
    back down/back down
    black souls in the desert
    she's all you ever wanted
    and your blood/paints her face/red #

    03. Classic Training
    04. Magic Tricks
    05. Sky is falling
    06. She's High
    07. Sin
    08. Serenity
    09. the Musical song
    10. What He Does
    11. Summer Rain
    12. Oh And Again
    13. Ultimate
    14. the Good Night Song

    Crazy (not much info out on that one yet, as they're being frustratingly secretive.)

    01. Colder Now
    # I've been burnt/we're burning/on a fire high/mere ashes left/and we're colder now #
    02. The Whole Shebang (cover)
    # We'll take the whole shebang
    All or nothing anything
    Ecstasy's the birthright of our gang
    We'll take/the whole shebang
    Free your heart of guilt and shame
    Come and claim/what's yours/the whole shebang #

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