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WAP! Origins

All the members of WAP! were born in different countries, so it is perhaps a stroke of very good luck that made them all meet up in Madison two years ago. Of course, Rick and Izzy grew up together, and Alex and Iz went through high school together, but two years ago is when they ran into Jana and Cassie, and decided to start a pop group.

Izzy, who's definitely a born performer, was the one who pushed for the idea the most, and certainly the one who takes credit for it now, to the apparent amusement of the others.

Before they started the group, Izzy was studying Greek Art, Alex was studying Feminist Theory, Rick was a fry chef, Cassie was studying English and working in a coffeeshop and Jana was in high school.

Izzy, Alex and Rick met Jana and Cassie at the local teatre as they were involved in the making of a Lesbian MacBeth, and one thing lead to another, and Cassie came up with some songs, and they were hired (read: begged pathetically) to perform at Cassie's coffeehouse.

And the rest, as they say, is history. Moric Potter, the band's manager, was at the performance and signed them up on the spot.

After only a short time the multitalented fivesome had practiced the first songs along with the matching choreography and shown their manager exactly what they were capable of. They stormed into the Top 100 in record time with their debut single ‘Burn, Baby, Burn’ before quickly reaching the Top Ten. No one was more amazed by the swiftness of their breakthrough than WAP! themselves.

random bio-bit: In WAP!’s case the charisma and vocal harmony make a good song even better. With their energetically explosive charisma WAP! can, for example, with their song ‘Purple Pleasure’, set even the most sluggish of bodies in a party mood. And, in all honesty, no one has covered Elton John’s rock ballad ‘Your Song’ with so much feeling and beauty as WAP! The self - written funk song ‘Animal House’ also gets under your skin. It could be said that with their debut album WAP! hit the jackpot and impressively proved their vocal and musical range. WAP!’s success was built from hard work, a huge amount of talent, and that all important portion of luck. And, of course, not forgetting their enormous personal charisma.

WAP! Who's Who

symbolAlex is the easily recognizable one, what with the green skin and all. He's the Quiet one, and rarely speaks up in group interviews, but when he does, it's usually to say something dry and/or sarcastic. Makes appearences at most celebrity mutant dinners/speeches/whatnots.

symbolRick is the one with the blue stripe in his hair (yeah, now you know where THAT fashion comes from...). He's the Crazy one. No one, including his fellow group members, seem to sure what he'll say next. He's the spokesperson when it comes to the technical side of their music. Rumoured to be able to play the drums.

symbolIzzy is the front figure, and generally the talker in interviews. Bouncy and cheerful. Tendency to ramble (coherency an option, apparently), and knows a frightening amount of music history. Main vocals.

symbolCassie is the happy one. She seems to be spending most of her interviews beaming at the interviewer. The "womanly" face of the group. Writes many of their songs ("Purple Pleasure", "Burn, Baby, Burn", "Ami"). Well known media fan (ie tv shows, films, etc).

symbolJana appears most often in some animal shape or another, so her personality is not as clear as the others. She seems to be the spoiled junior member of the group, however. Does pretty much all the, uh, noises in the hit "Animal Kingdom". There are a LOT of websites dedicated to Jana's animal shapes, where a favorite among the teenies is her kittenshape (Alex called it the "woe kitten" in an interview), and those who're crazy stalkery fans call themselves Felines.

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