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Welcome to the M-Files: The Unofficial Monet Homepage! This site is dedicated to bringing you everything you need to know to get to know everyone's favorite character to love to hate, Monet St. Croix - also known as "M", of Marvel Comics' Generation X. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, so e-mail us! Enjoy your visit and come again soon!

UPDATED: Sunday, September 3, 2000
I've finally gotten back into the swing of things, and with me, I bring a bunch of updated pages. :) Rather than telling you about the pages, I'll just give you a list:

Thanks for stopping by! See you all next update! :)

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Site created & maintained by Adrian Bailon ( M, Generation X, X-Men & all related characters are Marvel Entertainment Group. Many thanks to Maelstrom, Arcane, Trax, & Nate1234 for their help & encouragement. Site created on Saturday, April 24, 1999. Li'l Monet was adopted from The Adoption Agency, and drawn by the talented Glockgal.