Sketches: Dr Sketchy's Madison, starring Boy

Drawn at this past Dr Sketchy’s Madison! Our model was the outstanding Boy from Cherry Pop Burlesque. He gave marvelous, dynamic poses that we could definitely use in our art. No kidding, I think he should model for us more often. I know I’m not alone, ‘cause many of us rooted for an encore. Encore, Boy!

Dr Sketchy's 7 - Olive Talique quick-pose Dr Sketchy's 7 - Boy & banana (sneak Olive) Dr Sketchy's 7 - Boy, banana, Olive Dr Sketchy's 7 - Boy, death by banana Dr Sketchy's 7 - Boy as a Boy Dr Sketchy's 7 - Li'l Boy & Li'l Olive

Also, today is my birthday. Happy b-day, me!