Curling badassery

I discovered curling during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, and man, I am all over this sport.

Jupiter: The Legend of Salty Bob

Featuring characters from my Jupiter comic. Originally ran in GAM around Sept 2007.

‘Tis the season for venturing into dark mucky places, with the bravado only a pack of teens can provide. And yes, I nicked the name “Salty Bob” from the Arrogant Worms’ “The Last Saskatchewan Pirate.” Of course.

BP page, avec le sang des Peeps

Bitters Past page, avec le sang des Peeps

In this household, whenever you see drops of blood, it’s invariably Peeps’s.

Right on a Bitters Past page, too, which I think was wholly appropriate. It was pencilled at the time. I had to ink around it.

Hugo & Bana

Originally ran in the Riverwest Currents 2006-2007. I love these misfits.