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Naruto is a manga and anime about ninja in training. Yes. Really. Newest stories are at the top. (er, except for the series. Then they're in order.) Note that most of these links will take you to my Naruto archive, Hidden Village. Hit the back button to return here.

The Broken Ninja series
A series of stories that all take place in the same timeline. They are, after all, a series. Series deals with child molestation and various other ugly things. Rated R as a whole.

Kinds of Love
"This is my place," Iruka said, pausing at his door. He fiddled with the strap of his bag, hesitating. "Do you want to come in? Maybe have some tea?" He wasn't ready to be alone in the big old house.

"I'd like that," Michio said with a casual smile.

Iruka opened the door and let him in.

Types of Sex
Not all of the older ninja thought same sex intimacy was even remotely appropriate, but it was getting more and more frequent. Customs changed fast when nearly a whole generation was wiped out.

His generation, he realized suddenly.

His mother still hadn't spoken. "Mom? Is this . . . are you . . . okay?"

Layers of Friendship
Iruka stared at the empty doorway for a long moment.

She's just broken up with him. Anko had broken up with him, over Mizuki. Iruka sat down heavily at his desk, looking at nothing.

His first serious girlfriend, and she'd broken up with him over his best friend.

Distortions in Glass
(Companion piece) He couldn't feel the heat from the sun or the wet from the rain. It pattered off the shell of his bubble, and when he tried to say something, people would edge away from him like he was a monster.

The Kiba/Shino series
A series of often smutty stories set in the future, where Kiba and Shino hook up. And other people have opinions. And, occasionally, things happen. Rated between PG and NC-17. Citrus.

"Any ideas how to get to him?" Shino asked.

"I'm thinking if I send Akamaru out and then go chasing after him, I can bump into them and spend a decent amount of time apologizing . . ."

Shino frowned. That plan sounded a little strange.

Important People
Hinata's gaze flashed assessingly between her two best friends.

It wasn't that they were acting differently, exactly. In fact, they were doing precisely what she would expect from them. And yet . . . something had changed.

He wished his father were yelling--not that Aburame ever yelled. But at least yelling would mask the sound of kikaichuu thrumming angrily throughout the room.

Neji stared in horror. Someone was *masturbating* in *his* bathroom.

Other Stories

Getting a Rise
He could feel Kakashi's eyes on his tush. He whipped around quickly, glaring, and was met with a lazy upward turn of mismatched eyes. "Don't get any ideas," he said sternly. "I'm not having sex with you anymore." (Rated NC-17)

Safely Home
Kakashi let his nose drift behind Iruka's ear, close enough to see the corner of the man's eye, lashes thick and dark. He rubbed carefully, softly, cloth against skin, and watched Iruka's eyes shutter closed. (Rated NC-17)

Red and Blue and Green
He shifted carefully, afraid of the pain that would burn through his side again. Somewhere in the building nurses and doctors were toasting the new year with coffee and tea. He could hear the laughter, cresting and breaking like the colors on his wall.

Red, green, pink, blue. A shower of white.

Gay Porn
She really, really wasn't sure she wanted to think about her fourteen-year-old brother having sex. Of any sort. Her head cocked, as her mind gleefully hijacked her imagination anyway. (Link will take you to my Naruto site, Hidden Village. Hit the back button to return here.)

All About Sex
So it seemed only like polite interest that he should find out what it was, exactly, that Kakashi liked so much about this book.

That was the only reason he opened up the first page of Icha Icha Paradise and began to read. (Link will take you to my Naruto page, Hidden Village. Hit the back button to return here.)

"Ma!" Kiba protested, ducking around a tree. "This is embarrassing!"

"Then stop running around and have a bath!" she snarled.

"Okay," Gemna whispered, breath hot in Iruka's ear. "Here's what we do. We strip down, and distract them."

Iruka blinked at the far wall, which, he was certain, was tilting. "I'm not sure that will work."

"Yes it will."

It was hard to argue with logic like that.

It was nothing Hinata did that made her father finally see her. It was Kiba, and Shino, and the power they had between them.

The Kakashi Mission
They sat in silence for a while. Iruka sipped tea, watching people walk past the little building. Kakashi's eye was closed, his hands linked behind his head and making a worse mess of his hair than it already was. A child skipped by, kicking up dust. It spread lazily through the air.

"Gai's pretty sure you have a crush on me," Kakashi said.

Iruka coughed his tea all over the porch. "Gai thinks Inuzuka Kiba has a crush on Akamaru, so his opinion isn't necessarily the most authoritative," he snapped.

He could feel Kakashi looking at him again, as he mopped up spat tea. "Or, there's something going on with the Inuzuka clan that's verrrrry interesting."

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