Welcome to Hidden Village, the archive made just so I, JBMcDragon, have a place to read lots of good stories. All fic here is based off the anime and manga, Naruto. Most stories here are ones that have been recommended to me, or I liked enough to grab. Click on the team to find fics about those characters!

Hi, guys! Okay, good news and bad news. The archive is officially closed: I just don't have time to keep it updated. That's the good news! *ducks!* Kidding, kidding! The good news is that the 'Village LJ is still up and running (though it doesn't get submissions terribly often), so if you have a fic you want to submit, head over there.

Many of the stories listed as 'unfinished' here are actually quite finished. Sometimes with sequels. Hit the author pages and backtrack to Livejournal links (usually your best bet) or contact the authors through email, fanfic.net, or LJ to see what's what. Trust me, they'll love to hear from you.

And because this is my page and I can pimp whatever I want, you can check out what I'm writing at my LJ, or see the collaborative writing group I'm in at Fallen Leaves: stories about ANBU, roughly 7 years before the start of Naruto.

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"That's . . . a turtle, right? Right?! Hey hey! Can a turtle be a ninja sensei?"

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